Company Profile

Nishimura Company Limited

Nishimura Co., Ltd was established in 1916 as a bookshop in Niigata (north of Japan) and started our publishing business in 1980. Our editorial office is located in Tokyo now.

At first, the publication was specialized mainly in medical field, and has been extended to children books, art books and general books.

We are attending the Frankfurt Book Fair and have a booth every year from 1984 and attending the book fairs in London, Paris, Bologna, USA, etc.

We published 20 titles of Bernadette Watts’ illustration books. In 1988, we had “The Exhibition of Bernadette Watts’ World” in 6 cities in Japan. Also in 2000 and 2003, the exhibitions of similar kind were held in Chihiro Art Museum in Azumino and Tokyo.

In 1994, we started to publish “Art Library” series in collaboration with Phaidon Press UK and 44 titles have been published till now.

At present (as of March 2015), we have published about 440 medical titles, 220 general books and 180 children books and are publishing about 40 titles annually.

Our aim is to publish good academic books in medical field which will enhance the study and practice of medicine in all its aspects. As for art, general and children books, we wish to publish the books which remain in the heart of people.


Selected publications of Nishimura Co., Ltd. (translated to Japanese)

General and Children Books

Peterson: Facing Up

Friedan: The Fountain of Age

Montgomery: Anne of Green Gables

Burnett: The Secret Garden / Little Lord Fontrelay / A Little Princess

Landman: Come Sono Diventato Marc Chagalle

Colour Library series, 45 Vols

Dalby: The Golden Age of Children’s Book Illustration

The Journals of Louisa May Alcott

Sellier: La penture entrée libre / Arts primitifs entrée libre

Chaillet: Dans la Rome des Cesars

Viva: Young Frank, Architect

De Vecchi: Michel-Ange

Premoli-Droulers & Lennard: Maisons d’ecrivains

Lemaire & Amiel: Maisons d’artistes

Gefen, Bastin & Evrard: Maisons de Musiciens

Kallay: H.Ch. Andersen Pohadky, III vols.

Suh: Vincent van Gogh: A Self-Portrait in Art and Letters

Suh: Leonardo’s Notebook

Jonasson: Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann

[The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared]

Tattersall: The Great Human Journey: Around the World in 22 Million Days

Jonasson: Analfabeten Som Kunde Räkna [The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden]

Medical books

Pinel: Biopsychology

Bear: Neuroscience, 3/e

Rubin’s Pathology, 4/e

Rabson: Really Essential Medical Immunology, 2/e

Bennett: Clinical Pharmacology, 9/e

Goaring: Mims’ Medical Microbiology, 4/e

Yalom: The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy

Martens: Successful Coaching, 4/3/e

The original titles in Japanese (English equivalents)

Gejo, et al.: Dynamic Medicine, 7 vols.

Kadowaki, et al.: The Diabetes: Basic and Clinical

Kawana, et al.: The Cardiology: Basic and Clinical

Kadowaki, et al.: The Internal Medicine

Takahashi: Monet and French Landscape

Sawa: A Ballad in Plain Winds (a novel)